Business Infrastructures

Organizational Integrity for Small Businesses

You're starting or growing your new business.

Good for you!  You have a great idea for a product or service.  To succeed as an entrepreneur, you need to focus your time and energy on product development and service offerings, locating potential customers, marketing your business and establishing strategic relationships.

You don't need any distractions.

Someone needs to make sure your business is properly structured, and remains properly registered and legal.  Someone needs to establish your accounting guidelines and identify your tax obligations.  Someone needs to help you decide when it's time to lease office space, what kinds of insurance you'll need, and identify all the new obligations you'll have once you've gone "physical."

Someone needs to point you to the appropriate resources you'll need each step of the way while you establish and grow your business.  And when you're ready to hire your first employee, someone needs to take care of all the mandatory legal and compliance issues, not to mention internal policy issues, that accompany that first hire.

Should that someone be you, and you alone?  Is that the best use of your talents in making your business a success?  Or should that someone be a "team" of different consultants and consulting firms?  Can you afford the time and expense it takes to manage this "team" and keep everyone on the same page?  Is that the best use of your time, energy, and talent?

We can help.

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